"MyAndean Mountain Coffee"


"From our trees to your cup"


 Gourmet Premium Blend-Crafted by blending coffees from

 four different countries, our gourmet blend is roasted and

 ground to enhance the flavor and aroma profile of each   coffee's origin.  Treat your senses to a bouquet of aromas

 and a rich caramel flavor, with hints of dry fruits topped   off with yellow cacoa chocolate.  (Medium Body)

 Gourmet Dark Roast- Our medium dark roast is created

 by blending coffees from two different origins. This coffee   delivers a bold aroma with a chocolate flavor and   undertones of  panela.  Unlike most coffees roasted on the

 dark side, you'll experience a smooth yet bold flavor   without the bitterness. ( Med-Full Body)

 Platinum Roast-  Our darkest roasted coffee, is a high   octane get you going cup of Joe. It's deep dark

 chocolate flavor and rich aroma will satisfy your senses,

 and give you the boost you need to kickstart your

 day.  ( Full Body)








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